Monday, July 13, 2009

Simple Woman's Daybook

Outside my window... another beautiful day. We have been blessed in Maryland this summer with many days of bearable temperatures and low humidity. I don't take even one of them for granted. I told Steve yesterday we are having a New England summer!

I am thankful for... two unexpected checks that arrived in the mail which help cover the cost of two dental crowns I began to pay on last week. The Lord is so faithful to meet our needs.

From the kitchen... I'm cooking spicy chicken and mushrooms tonight, a recipe that I found in a Family Circle magazine. It is tasty and low fat. I'm working hard to stick to Weight Watchers in what I serve the family. And the pounds are sloooooowly coming off.

I am reading... What Paul Really Said About Women-- a book that covers the scripture directed at women. This is something I eventually have to get squared away in my head. My Plymouth Brethren upbringing is at odds with what seem to be New Testament principles on women's roles. Yesterday I spoke at my church. Yes, I gave the sermon. The elders requested that I do it, since my gift is obviously teaching, and my pastor is off on sabbatical. No lightening struck, and I am still alive after doing it. But I need to figure out exactly what scripture is directing women to do. This book is very helpful as far as I have gotten.

I am hoping... I can get tons done over the next three weeks. The writers' conference I am attending this year is on August 6-8.

I am creating... two new book proposals. One is almost done, the other may not be ready in time. I will still pitch the idea if not a whole proposal if necessary.

I am praying... that maybe I can find an agent at this conference. I definitely need the Lord's guidance on this one.

Around the house... I'm sewing curtains for my sister in law's new study my friend Beth and I are redecorating. I'm also working on a quilt for my future new living room-- for which I hope to start searching for furniture soon!

One of my favorite things... an ice cream cone from McDonald's. They are three WW points-- and so delicious!! Melanie and I save our points and often go out at night to get one. The guys at our closest McDonalds have begun to recognize us. Time to move on to a new McDonalds.

A few plans for the rest of the week... doctor appointment to schedule surgery to remove "a-typical cells" from my breast. A little scary, but I know my life is in God's very capable hands. I'm also bringing my mother-in-law to a caregiver's support group and then out to lunch tomorrow. Saturday we are attending a seminary friend's wedding at our old church-- looking forward to seeing old friends there.

So much for my exciting life-- Love, Julie


Heather Nicole said...

I LOVE these-did you create this format?

Adonai's Child said...

Hi Julie,
Are you going to be at the Christian Writer's Conference in Philly in August? I will be there would be great to meet you!
I've completed the article on my blog using the quote you permitted me to use...Please visit my blog at