Monday, June 1, 2009

The Death of an Old Friend

This is the tree that fell in our backyard on May 29 during a microburst. It missed our house by inches, grazing only the edge of the porch roof. I was amazed to see even our potted plants survived the tumble!

We were amazed to see how shallow the roots were. It made us wonder how the tree withstood previous windstorms over the years.

The tree was very tall-- Steve estimates about 100-120 feet. It went well into our neighbor's yard. It took down a huge evergreen at the opposite end of our backyard on its way down.


Khris said...

Wow! I am glad that you all are safe. I don't know if you burn wood for a fireplace or not but having enough wood shouldn't be a problem now. :) Have a blessed day.

John said...

yowzers, you're not kidding about those roots. Glad it missed the house, ey!

Jim said...


What a great lesson in understanding the value of those dry times in our lives. I pray the Lord will help us value those seasons in our lives that are preparing us for greater works on His behalf in the future.

Grow roots, grow!

God Bless!


Anonymous said...

Hi...I remember you mentioning the fallen tree at the retreat this past weekend for Crossroads Church. Amazing that the tree fell so close to the house without damaging anything. Not a small tree at all....thank God all is OK!!!.....Susan (Staten Island, NY)

Laurie (Bowie, MD) said...

Wow, Julie! God is the super Master Planner! By the looks of these pictures, if the lowest branches had been any lower, they would have taken out the porch! The trunk itself came so close, I can see His hand guiding that tree all the way down.

Deb said...

Hi Julie,

Glad to know that everybody's safe and the tree didn't damage your house.

Are you having any problems receiving E-mails? I've sent two and both were returned. Just thought I'd mention it.

Thanks for the devo...inspiring as usual.

Loris said...

That is a miracle!

Heather Nicole said...

holy cow. that's ridiculous! I am totally amazed!

Anonymous said...

You are a lucky woman Julie. Gosh that is intense.